Cheap Vs. Expensive Web Design – How to Pick Websites

cheap web design

A recent article was published by Nashville Web Design that stated “In the industry of web design, you get what you pay for.” We reached out to the company to have them elaborate on this, and see if we could get some insight as to why that statement was made. It would seem that today anybody who has internet access could easily find an overseas company to build a website for cheap, however Nashville Web Design disagrees. Here’s how it went.

Benefits of Pricey Web Design

As it turns out there are many benefits to using a web design company. The more you pay for, the more you get. Nashville Web Design gave us some more info on this by listing out the following:

Unique Code

When you’re paying lots of money for a website you’ll often get unique code. This makes your site different from every other site that you see on the internet today. This has many benefits with regard to search engine optimization. It can also sometimes help with your site speed.

Licensed Software

Although this is now being integrated with some easy website builders it isn’t yet fully moved over. In fact, there is quite a bit of software that is available to people using WordPress or custom websites that cannot be used by Shopify and other common platforms.

Custom Design

When you’re spending a lot of money on web design it usually means that there’s a custom design that’s being put together for your company. This design is made by an artist and it is made unique for your company. This is not something you can buy on other web design platforms that exist (unless you’re an artist). You get the care and attention that an artist puts into his work.

Support America

If you have any concern for the American economy, you won’t be sending your money across the world to a company that you don’t really know. You will support local web designers who will then spend their money within the country and support the economy overall. This is mainly a point of ethics.

Downfall of Cheap Web Design

Nashville Web Design also told us about the down side to using cheap web design services. Although the pricing might be appealing, it was insisted that price isn’t everything. Let’s take a look at the two main reasons that a person should avoid cheap web design services:


A person is very restricted when using a website builder. This means that they can only use the tools given to the user by the company that provides the website building platform. In other words, you can’t simply code a sidebar into your website. You would have to have that option available in the platform that you’re using. You also couldn’t simply create a custom contact form unless the website builder you’re using allows such a thing.

You can’t use Schema markup unless it’s available with the website builder you’re using. Although most of the people reading this won’t know what that means, trust us when we say that it’s vital! These among many other things are examples of how you are restricted when attempting to build a website with a cheap website builder.

Long-Term Expense

Although $2,000 for a website might seem like a lot of money right now, it’s actually not all that much in comparison to the thousands you’ll spend over the years by using a cheap website builder. In fact, over the course of 10 years you can expect to pay nearly 11,000 for a website that you’ve built with a website builder! Chances are the website you built is not nearly as good as the one that a professional web designer would build for you.

Nashville Web Design showed us some of their websites for contractors and it’s very clear to see that for the price that people are paying, it isn’t a bad idea to skip the website builder and go with a simple one-page informational website. Even a few pages of website could go a long way!

In conclusion we’d have to agree that going with an “expensive” web design agency is actually not nearly as expensive as you might think. Cheap website builders are more costly in the long run and offer a lot of restrictions and fewer benefits. If you’re a business owner, you need to consider going with a competent web design firm!


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