beeremoval in odd places

Bees Live anywhere

A recent study was performed where bees were found to move into just about any space where they could sustain-ably have a few things to help keep their hive healthy.

  1. An enclosure to regulate their temperature
  2. Plenty of space to build honey comb, brood comb
  3. Access to food
  4. Access to water
  5. Relatively undisturbed location
  6. Minimal pests
  7. Minimal weather fluctuation

Places bees move in

Bees will routinely move in just about any space where they can live and accomplish the above list.  This includes:

  1. Cinder block walls
  2. Wood homes
  3. Stucco homes
  4. Metal enclosures
  5. Porches
  6. Irrigation boxes
  7. Sheds


Is Bee Removal Possible? In Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona?

Yes.  The foremost expert company on bee removal in Arizona is Abello Bees found here at They are able to remove and relocate all types of bees from aggressive to non aggressive bees.  They also do not use chemicals as some companies are licensed to do.

Are Aggressive bees worth removing?

YES! Aggressive bees technically have to be lab tested especially in Arizona such as at the University of Arizona. In a lab is where they can technically determine the genetics of the bees.  The fact thattthere are approximately 1,500 species of Honey bees explains the reasoning behind having bees tested to really find out if they are truly “Africanized”.

How many bees are Africanized, or Killer Bees?

In reality it has been proven by bee removal companies, such as Abello Bees, that only about 20-25% of bees in Arizona would even be a candidate to be considered “Africanized” or “Killer Bees”.  The reasoning the PR officer at Abello Bees gave was that the genetic variation is so incredible that, “most bees have simply mellowed out with progressive generations”.

So is there a real danger than?

Well yes.  There is still a danger to having aggressive bees in your house, business or neighborhood.  Even though it is a small percentage, there is still a very real clear and present danger of Killer Bees.  However, all responsible bee removal companies will relocate these bees as well because all bee lives matter.

For More Information

For more information on bee removal in your Area make sure to do a Google Search of “Bee Removal + your city”. You will usually get the most popular bee removal company in your area, just make sure to ask them if they have a license and if they do that means THEY ALSO KILL BEES.  You should stay away from any “beekeeper” or “live bee removal company” that claims to remove bees and relocate them, yet they also kill them.  Not responsible and not safe for anyone.